Consulting Key to Successful Aerial Project

    We don't charge* for consulting because it is such an important

part of the planning process.

    Consulting can just be a phone call between us or a face-to-face

meeting at the location of your event.

                                          We would suggest the latter choice if the

                                          event is an outdoor wedding or other

somewhat choreographed event. However, straight-forward

surveys or other projects involving raw footage or very little advanced planning can be handled over the phone.

    Call 325-665-6120 or email to set up your consultation.

* In-person consultations conducted after date reservation. Consultations outside of Abilene are still free, but a mileage fee of 40 cents per mile (round-trip) will be charged.

Some of the fireplaces that remain at Fort Phantom, north of Abilene.