That's not our James, and I haven't found the story yet.

    Also, it appears James C. served in the Civil War as did his son William.

I find a lot about William, but the only confirmation I've found about

James's service is his second wife's request for a Confederate Pension in

August 1899. Eliza was granted the pension in January 1900, and lived

on it until her death in 1925.

    The Fourth Texas Infantry was one of the three Texas Civil War regiments

in the Texas Brigade of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, and

Company D saw plenty of action, including the Second Battle of Bull Run

(or Second Manassas) and Gettysburg. At Gettysburg on July 2, 1863, the

Fourth Texas participated in the attack against the Union left flank and in the fighting for Little Round Top, according to the Texas State Historical Association. offers more details of Company D at Gettysburg: "When the Fourth Texas passed to the east of Devil's Den, the men on its left could see the fight for Smith's Battery being waged. Cpl. Miles V. Smith of Co. D assembled several of his fellow Fourth Texans and sniped at the cannoneers from the boulders on Big Round Top. Smith was rewarded by the sight of the First Texas and the Twentieth Georgia of Benning's Brigade capturing the battery. When Federal troops attempted to recapture the guns, Smith's detail fired into the Federal flank. When the fight ended, he found the Fourth Texas halfway up the slope of Little Round Top."

    In copies of the original documents from the Texas State Archives, it showed he served in "Company D, 4th Texas Regiment of (not legible but has to be Guadalupe Rangers). Enlisted in the spring of 1862 and served until the close of the war in 1865." The "proof" given on the application was sworn statements by Sam W. Hamilton and Jas. R. Williamson. Williamson says "he personally knows that the said J.C. Reagan enlisted in the service of the Confederacy and performed the duties of a soldier as claimed by his said widow ... from September 1862 until February 1863 ... the length of time that he personally served with him ... and believes he served the time claimed by the applicant." I will start searching for a record of James' service in the war.

B    y the way, using names of suspected relatives of the time, the C. probably stands for Charles, Carmichael, Cochran, Chastain, Calvin, Claiborne, Coleman or Clinton.    CONTINUED >