I finally found the tape of the 1975 interview with my grandfather Bascom "Pop" Reagan. On it, he clearly says his father, Wylie (nee William) had two brothers named Charley and John and another one he couldn't think of the name. That was the clue that started the ball rolling toward sure idenfitication of James C.'s family as the right one.

    Again, great-great-grandfather James C. Reagan (1820-1870) was born in Tennessee, was the father of William Andrew Reagan (8/30/1845 to 12/18/1932), who was the father of my grandfather, Bascom Andrew Reagan (10/12/1886 to 3/4/1977), who sired my father, Bascom Eugene Reagan (2/12/25 to 3/8/1992).

Also check out the complete list of surnames. 

James & Emily's

Marriage License

    James C. Reagan married Emily Spiva on Sept. 4, 1844, in Fannin County, Texas. Here is the text of that faded copy of the original marriage license. A cousin in California has the original now.

    It reads:

County of Fannin,
    To any District Judge, Chief Justice of the County Court, any Justice of the Peace or (unreadable) Ordained Minister of the Gospel: (Unreadable) authorize, to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between James Ragan and Emily Spiva, as by Law, you are empowered and directed, and (unreadable) you due return of the License, to my office, certified in accordance with Law.
Given under (unreadable) &
official seal,
this 4th day
of September A.D. 1844
R.H. Lee
Chc. C.C.F.C.