Bascom Andrew "Pop" Reagan

    Born: Oct. 12, 1886, Big Spring, Texas.

    Died: March 4, 1977, Big Spring, Texas.

   Luckily, I knew my grandfather. I went fishing with him, went to the top of Scenic Mountain in Big Spring, Texas, with him and my father on different occasions to view the stars and planets through old telescopes. He didn't die until 1977, when he was 90 and I was 29.

    "Pop" was a mechanical genius, a quality carpenter (he joined the union at the age of 17 and was a member until he died. He was also a photographer and somewhat of an inventor. He's a big reason that early Big Spring got off the ground ... literally. He is just now getting the pioneer recognition he deserves.

    "Pop's" first days in Big Spring back in 1886 were spent living with his family in a "lean-to" across the street from where the present police station is.

   I recorded an interview with "Pop" about a year before he died. In that tape,  he verified the existence of Wylie's two brothers John and Charlie on that tape. It was an important clue in finally tracking down the right household in the 1860 census. I've included the 1975 newspaper article based on that taped interview (click here).

   "Pop's" first name, Bascom, really didn't lend any clues to my genealogy research. It's not a real common name, and maybe there's a clue somewhere along the Bascom surname. Also, if you happen to be a direct descendant of Bascom, you are related to George Washington's family.

   Again, Bascom Andrew Reagan (10/12/1886 to 3/4/1977), sired my father, Bascom Eugene Reagan (2/12/25 to 3/8/1992).

   Pop is buried at Trinity Memorial in Big Spring, near my father.