The Tree Grows in Ireland

    Well, for now - with Timothy  - that's the end of my Reagan/Ragan line.

    Most Ragan/Reagan researchers say Timothy Ragan Sr. was born around 1678 in Anne Arundel County, province of Maryland and died in the Elk Ridge Community in Anne Arundel before March 14, 1744, at the age of 55.

    Better men than I have tried to delve back farther, and it probably means a trip to Ireland for someone. Of course, if you are reading this and know the answer, please share.

    The three best places to read all about Timothy are in the list below:

Best Reagan Genealogy Links

  • Donald B. Reagan's well-respected document on Timothy and the clan - See PDF
  • The late, great distant cousin Michael Ragan's exhaustive gedcom file - Download Here
  • - Searchable site with hundreds of Ragans/Reagans. Start with Timothy's Page