William Andrew ("Wylie" or "War") Reagan

    Born: Auguest 30, 1845, Anderson County, Texas.

    Died: Dec. 18, 1932, Big Spring, Texas.
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    Well, at least we know a little more about William Andrew Reagan ... or as he was known to his family and friends -- "Wylie". He also had the nickname "War." He fought in the Civil War (click here) , where he was shot in the hip at the Battle of Yellow Bayou, Louisiana, in 1864.

    I'm fairly certain Wylie, the first-born child of James C. Reagan (1820-1870) and Emily Spiva (5/21/1830-1859), was named after his two grandfathers -- William Henry Reagan and Andrew Spiva. Although it isn't 100 percent confirmed that William Henry Reagan is in the line.

    Wylie had at least two brothers, Charley and John, but they probably came to the family from another family. Wylie supposedly never talked about them (See James' Descendants). Wylie married Nancy J. Dye in 1867, but she was supposedly killed by a tornado sometime in the mid-1870s. My California cousin Kathy Eddinger descends from Wylie and Nancy's daughter Zerelda, who was born in Coleman County in 1874. Wylie later married my great-grandmother who was born in Owensville, Texas: Emily Eugenia Wells Talbot (6/15/1857 to 7/7/1951). They married on June 19, 1883, in Colorado City, Texas. She obviously had a temper and threw Wylie's gun down the well one day because she was mad at him. Also, she supposedly broke "every dish in the house" one time in a fit. Her favorite expression during these times was "Go to grass!" I think that meant "Aw, go to the bathroom!"

    I recorded an interview with my grandfather in 1975 where he talked about his father. I've included the 1975 newspaper article based on my