interview with my grandfather, Bascom Andrew, on this site (click here). It was based mostly on that taped interview. From that tape, here's Pop's verbatim account of his father being wounded in the Civil War:

    "He got behind a rail fence and somebody shot ... I guess the top rail, uh, the bottom rail was high enough so the bullet came under and hit him in the hip ... one of those mini-balls, you know. 'Bout as big as your thumb, big as a shotgun, and he had that scar ... it was that big around ... he had that scar all his life." (Pop's daughter Lois is heard on the tape interjecting: "Well, no wonder he drank like he did.")

    I received a packet from the Texas State Archives related to Wylie's request for a military pension in 1926. That's where he stated he was born in Anderson County. There was some good information and also a copy of his death certificate. Click here to see a summary of that information. Wylie died in 1932, 16 years before I was born. He is buried in Mount Olive Cemetery in Big Spring, Texas.

    Again, James C. Reagan, born in 1820 in Tennessee, died in 1870 in Navarro County, Texas, was the father of William Andrew Reagan (8/30/1845 to 12/18/1932), who was the father of my grandfather, Bascom Andrew Reagan(10/12/1886 to 3/4/1977), who sired my father, Bascom Eugene Reagan (2/12/25 to 3/8/1992).

"He got behind a rail fence and somebody shot ... so the bullet came under the bottom rail and hit him in the hip."